A national centre of educational research excellence. Our task is to foster appreciation and understanding of religious diversity among all New Zealanders.

Mission Statement

‘The purpose of the Religious Diversity Centre (RDC) is to foster appreciation, understanding and deeper relationships among the religious, spiritual and secular communities in Aotearoa New Zealand, and provide an independent and informed voice on religious and spiritual issues in the public sphere.’


The RDC is a national organisation whose goal is ‘to promote understanding, appreciation and respect for religious diversity within Aotearoa New Zealand’. It is dedicated to enabling positive relationships between different communities, relationships that reflect the values, practices and policies that underpin diverse and vibrant societies. Respect for religious diversity is not an added luxury.

The RDC is committed to providing education, training and resources in religious diversity for religious communities, for companies and government departments, and for the New Zealand public.

It will work closely with religious communities, community-based, educational and government agencies who promote inter-ethnic and community relations, including race relations and human rights, partnering for public meetings and events and hosting the annual religious leaders’ forum.

The RDC aims to provide an informed, trusted and moderating voice in the public sphere when issues of prejudice, bigotry, and conflict over religious differences arise. It will examine policy implications of the changing nature of religious diversity and the interfaces between government and religious communities, and provide analyses and commentary on public responses to events that have religious dimensions.

The Religious Diversity Centre Trust is a New Zealand registered charitable trust, #CC52791.