Religious Development Seminars

The Religious Diversity Centre (RDC) now offers a series of Professional Development Training Seminars to client organisations, associations and businesses wishing to help inform their members and/or employees on matters of religious diversity. The RDC has organised a series of modules designed to inform potential clients of issues of religious literacy and raising awareness of the beliefs and practices of other faith and belief traditions. Our Professional Development Training includes interactive seminars designed to get your members and/or employees cognisant of and involved with people of other faith and belief traditions, in order to better help them interact with members of other religions, as well as with those with no-religion.  Who are these training seminars designed for?
Our Professional Development and Training Seminars are suitable for anyone. Potential target audiences for training might include: Health Care professionals (e.g. doctors, nurses, ambulance workers, psychiatrists, psychologists); Clergy and other religious practitioners who may wish to raise their awareness of other religions and the various practices associated with them; Social workers; Teacher training on religious diversity (we work with teachers and educators at all levels: early childhood education, and primary, secondary and tertiary schools); Police and police workers; Judiciary (e.g. judges, court workers); Public servants; Government employees; those working in the fields of migrant settlement and support Basically, our seminars are for anyone who works with the general public and has a genuine desire to raise their awareness of religious literacy, or to help their employees more effectively work with the public and clients of the various faith and belief traditions represented in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our Professional Development Seminars are always tailored to the particular needs of our client organisations and associations. These can range from a single 3-4 hour workshop all the way up to weekend retreats and year-long programmes, as we can tailor our offerings to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. Contact us at <>  if you are interested in discussing your needs and how we may be able to work with you.