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Religious Diversity Workshops and Professional Development Seminars

Innovative and highly interactive, the RDC workshops and seminars are designed for groups of 12 to 24 persons. Each is tailored to respond to the needs of the participating group, with different lengths and time-frames to suit, from a taster of two hours, to a 5 hour day workshop or a long one of two days.

2019 workshops in the local community involved people brought together from different religious communities for the first time, teachers and people from schools in a particular local community, people involved in one city’s Social Work organisations and the people of one particular religious community. Feedback on these events has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Workshop can provide Professional Development in religious diversity for people working in organisations such as Local Council or Government Departments or NGOs. Used to working as a Team, members of a City Council section quickly engaged with their workshop activities and conversations. Many reflecting at the end said that they had learned new things about their colleagues which would help them work better together. The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive and expressed lots of new learnings. Case studies of ‘religious discrimination’ (or maybe not) can lead to determining some of the challenges due to  differences within and between religions. They help participants to see better how their own perspectives both challenged others, and could be challenged by others in a safe, friendly, and helpful way.

Participant comments:

“It was informative and well paced. A respectful and safe place to express opinions.”

“I appreciated everyone’s openness and willingness to listen, and not being overly focused on an individual religion.”