Faith in Ukraine

According to Glocalities, their World Survey from 2020 showed that the 5 top values identified in countries of the European Union, the UK, Ukraine and Russia are:
Caring, Friendship, Wisdom, Freedom, Health.

Interfaith solidarity with the people of Ukraine
The link below gives the recording of a remarkable event of interfaith solidarity with the people of Ukraine. It took place in the city of Chernivitse during the week before the Jewish Passover and the Christian Easter celebrations, and during the observance  of Ramadan.   

An international  group of twelve Religious Leaders were invited by the Elijah Interfaith Institute  to take part in an interfaith solidarity pilgrimage to Ukraine. They were to spend time with people in the city and then from this event held in a very large opera house, to share with Ukrainian people their words of comfort and caring, of hope and freedom. The group of leaders included Jewish, Christian, HIndu and Brahma Kumaris leaders. A detail to note is that the Muslim leader is from Sarajevo and the Buddhist leader from a Thich Nhat Hanh community in France with its link to Vietnam. 
 A Ukrainian choir begins and ends the event with their distinctive presentation. The leaders offer two sets of messages. 
A message from Pope Francis is read at the halfway point.