Professional Development in Religious Diversity

The Religious Diversity Centre (RDC) offers Professional Development workshops/training seminars to organisations, associations and businesses wishing to help their employees or members become more familiar with matters of religious diversity.
The workshops/training sessions are highly effective for organisations who work with the general public and want to help their employees or members to  work more effectively with the public and clients of the various faith and belief traditions represented in Aotearoa New Zealand.
The Professional Development workshop/seminar comprises a number of interactive modules which can be tailored to the particular context and needs of the client organisation. Participants become cognisant of and involved with people of faith and belief traditions other than their own, so that they can be more relaxed and positive when working in groups and teams of people diverse in culture and in religion.
The workshop can be a single 3-5 hour workshop, a full day or a two day workshop.

Participants’ Feedback:
We have learned new things about our colleagues which will help us work better together.

Case studies of ‘religious discrimination’ (or maybe not) lead to determining some of the challenges due to differences within and between religions.

The workshops help participants to see better how their own perspectives both challenge others, and are challenged by others, in a safe, friendly and helpful way.

Contact the Religious Diversity Centre at <>  to discuss a possible Professional Development workshop for your organisation and how we may be able to work with you to design and facilitate it. We are ready to offer it in person or on-line.