RDC Calendar 2022

This page features explanations to the monthly pictures of the calendar. If you are interested in purchasing a printed copy, please order here.

January – Photo of Magh Snan Celebration
Listen to Ram Lingam as he explains the meaning of this celebration.


February – Photo of the Fountain at Ridvan Garden
Listen to Steve Drake as he explains the background of this garden.


March – Photo of Paying Reverence to the Angel of Water
Listen to Farida Master as she explains the meaning of the Angel of Water.


April – Photo of a Coptic Christian Baptism
Listen to Peter Mikhail as he describes the ceremony of baptism in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

May – Photo of the Bathing of the Buddha
Listen to Caitlin Bush as she describes the ritual of Bathing the Buddha.

June – Photo of Kaikoura Coast
Listen to Jenny Te Paa Daniel as she describes the importance of water for Te Ao Maori.

July – Photo of a Baptism in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Listen to Suzanne Max Gillies as she describes the ceremony of Baptism according to their tradition.