Jewish Muslim student dialogues

The Religious Diversity Centre hosts Jewish-Muslim students dialogues each year in Auckland and in Wellington.

Facilitated by RDC Trustee, Professor Paul Morris and Dr Zain Ali in Auckland and Sultan Eusoff in Wellington, discussion amongst attendees is focused on the experiences of being a young Jewish or Muslim person in New Zealand. Discussion is always lively.

The dialogues have proved to be an excellent opportunity for learning and sharing, illuminating the multi-faceted nature of being Jewish or Muslim in New Zealand and in the global context. Issues such as gender and discrimination are discussed.  The shared experiences of attendees have highlighted the frequently overlooked problem of discrimination on the basis of religion in New Zealand.

The opportunity for Jewish and Muslim students to meet fellow students from different faith backgrounds in a safe and secure environment is appreciated by the students. It allows for the open confrontation of issues, enables the correction of misinformation, and encourages making positive connections with their peers.