Resilience in times of change

Manaakitanga – may we value it into the future- without the need of a crisis!

That is a key message from the on-line panel discussion led by RDC trustee, Marc Rivers, on Monday 6 April 2020.

From his Spirit of Work series: ‘Resilience in times of change:

Four speakers from different professions and different spiritual backgrounds respond to questions concerning the challenges of the present pandemic, the tools and approaches they have drawn on to deal with those challenges, and the major opportunities we can take advantage of as a direct result of the pandemic.

The link is below. Watch it !

All the good things we are doing now- making contact, sharing, giving, doing things for other people … working together in a new intentional way … recognising the need to invest not only in new technology but in people …and the need to address the inequities and the disparities magnified by the situation ….how can we maintain these behaviours, so expressive of our interconnectedness, when the crisis is no longer so threatening???

Here’s the link – watch it!!

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