HELP SAVE NZ’S OLDEST TORAH: The Dunedin Jewish Congregation’s oldest Torah (sacred scroll), dating from the mid-1800s, is in desperate need of repair

While the Dunedin Jewish Congregation can’t be 100% certain if its Torah is the oldest in New Zealand, it is very likely. Every rabbi who sees it is impressed by how beautiful it is.

However, as time goes by, the Torah scroll has begun to show its age. The Congregation has noticed that the Torah has developed an orange mould; some of the letters are smudged and in need of a scribe’s handiwork; the wooden spool is split; and the parchment panels need to be restitched.

The Dunedin Jewish Congregation has located a Torah scribe who can restore it, but their small community will have difficulty meeting the expected expense. So far, they have raised $350 of an expected $6,000 cost. Any help (no matter the size of the donation), would be very much appreciated! Your donation will help pay for transport and repair of the Torah.

You can do this be visiting the Congregation’s ‘Give A Little’ page at: <>. The Dunedin Jewish Congregation is a registered charity, and can provide donation receipts if required.