Meeting of Trustees

The RDC Trustees, meeting on Sunday 10 March, worked together on a Strategy for the Centre. This will be signed off at the AGM in August. Significant decisions were made for the RDC 2019 programme. ‘Religious Diversity and Anti-discrimination’ workshops are top priority, a number of which are to be held throughout the country. Trustees and staff are keen to arrange for workshops at community level, and in organisations large and small.

Acknowledging Dr Todd Nachowitz’s withdrawal from the position he held for the first three years of the RDC development, the trustees agreed to extend the RDC administrator’s time to five days a week. Rebecca Todd has accepted this position on contract for a defined period. The position of Programme Officer will be filled by Professor Douglas Pratt and that of Executive Director by Jocelyn Armstrong, Trust Chairperson, both in a voluntary capacity and for a defined period.

At their meeting on 10 March, the Trustees acknowledged the decision of the Centre’s Coordinator, Dr. Todd Nachowitz, to withdraw from his role within the RDC. The Trust Board thanked Todd for his contribution to the development of the Centre over its first three years. His weekly classes “Discovering Religious Diversity” over the four terms of each year were much enjoyed by those who attended.

The Trustees thanked him for his organisation of the first workshop with Immigration NZ when the issues around the religious workers from overseas were discussed together by religious representatives and Immigration NZ officials.

Todd continues his local interfaith work from his home base in Hamilton. He is extending the range of subjects for his teaching in Hamilton and is enjoying having more time for his research and writing.

We wish Todd all the best in his endeavours and look forward to continuing a positive working relationship with him in the future.