October Appeal

—— Understanding, Appreciation & Respect  ——-

Diwali – a public performance ??     Christmas –  Santa Parades ??
Aotearoa New Zealand has become a multi-cultural country, and cultural diversity is celebrated – but what about the roots of this diversity?
Many of the most popular celebrations are deeply rooted in faith and religions, and without understanding, we can’t appreciate and respect the religious diversity of the people in our society.
The Religious Diversity Centre (RDC) was set up to promote understanding, appreciation and respect among people of all faiths and none. The RDC programmes range from bringing diverse groups together in dialogue to informative online resources.
Thanks to grants from sources including the Ministry of Ethnic Communities, Foundation North, and the Astor Foundation, we are able to fund projects such as: 
The development of a lively website and on-line resources
– Year 12 Leadership Diversity Days
– The establishment of the Youth Leadership Council
– Religious Diversity Workshops in the community
– The first national Religious Literacy Survey
However, these grants do not allow for operational costs for a professional centre. Those costs depend on donations and especially on our Annual October Appeal.
If you would like to support the RDC  being a ‘Go-to place ‘ – for information and contacts, discussion of challenging issues, and speakers to answer questions about their religious traditions, please get in touch and donate today.
We invite you to contribute to our Annual October Appeal by making a donation – either a regular automatic or a one-off donation. Every donation of $5 or more is eligible for a tax rebate. Annual tax receipts will be issued in May of each year.
For any questions, please email admin@rdc.org.nz
The RDC Treasurer