Spirituality & Social Cohesion

Spirituality/Taha Wairua and Social Cohesion in Contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand – A Dialogue facilitated by RDC Trustee Prof. Paul Morris

Ria Earp ONZM,  Health Quality & Safety Commission (hqsc.govt.nz) and
Sri Ramanuja Ji a visiting Hindu Scholar from India- Global Organisation for Divinity (G.O.D) – a Not-for-Profit organisation that aims to promote peace, harmony and universal love amidst cultural diversity through inner spiritual transformation. GOD (godivinity.org.au)

New Zealand often presents itself as a ‘secular nation’, and ‘secular privilege’ plays a considerable role in our national public life. Pākehā and Māori report increasing numbers of those with ‘no religion’. What underlies our social cohesion?
Is Aotearoa a secular country? What role do the spiritual traditions of indigenous Māori and of the many other religious communities play in life in this country?  What has spirituality to do with social cohesion?

Recent studies of the secular have moved beyond the contrast between material and spiritual to recast religion and spirituality as dimensions of the inclusive experience of humankind.

This dialogue will explore spirituality in our world today focusing on the spiritual dimensions of everyday life, from Hindu and Māori perspectives, the relationships between culture and spirituality, and the role of spirituality in promoting social cohesion.

Video: Spirituality & Social Cohesion (Part 1)

Video: Spirituality & Social Cohesion (Part 2)