Book Launch 25 May 2021

DATE: 25 May 2021
TIME: 6pm

Auckland University of Technology
Sir Paul Reeves Building,
2 Governor Fitzroy Place, Auckland

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The New Zealand Work Research Institute (NZWRI) would like to invite you to a book launch on “Reimagining Faith and Management: The Impact of Faith in the Workplace”.

Professor Edwina Pio, (Professor of Diversity at AUT, trustee of the national Religious Diversity Centre), Rob Kilpatrick (the former co-chair of Joint Learning Initiatives – Faith & Local communities, an international organisation) and Tim Pratt, (the former head of NZ hospital chaplains and now head chaplain at the University of Auckland) have just edited a book which brings together 27 authors from different continents and ethnicities, different cultures and practices, and different religious traditions, focusing on the golden rule that can be found in every religion. That theme is the shimmering thread that weaves its way through the book and glistens as the signpost of hope in all the writers’ thinking. It seeks commonalities over differences – unity and harmony in diversity.