The Social Studies textbook “Discovering Diversity’ was written by Jocelyn Armstrong and published by Pearson

On 20 June Jocelyn Armstrong, Co-Chairperson of the Religious Diversity Centre, and the Venerable Amala Wrightson Sensei, Chair of the Buddhist Council, joined key religious leaders invited to dialogue with the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, and the Minister of Ethnic Communities, Jenny Salesa.
Ever mindful of the events of March 15 the Prime Minister, invited religious leaders to discuss how they and the Government might work together to increase interfaith unity and understanding.
The importance of education and the value of face to face encounters in building greater understanding and respect for religious diversity were identified by those present as being particularly useful. As was building on the existing work of Interfaith Councils supported by the Religious Diversity Centre.
Following on from the Prime Minister’s meeting the Religious Diversity Centre is assisting the Office of Ethnic Communities in planning a series of follow up Government dialogues with interfaith groups to be held in different parts of the country. The Centre will work with the Minister to identify and agree on specific actions to promote greater social inclusion and wellbeing, and to counter racism, discrimination and religious intolerance.